• Firepunk Engineering Anteater STC

The Anteater is a controller for the 47-series and 48-series (618) Dodge Ram transmissions. It takes the place of a factory PCM and gives total control over the transmission's shift patterns. The main controller is contained in a weatherproof enclosure and the wiring harness exceeds OEM specifications. It also includes an in-cab wired remote that allows the end user to disable overdrive as well as choose between three separate shift tune tables.

**All anteaters require 2000+ valve body electronics. The conversion kit can be purchased using this link: 2000+ Electronics Kit

For additional information visit: http://www.firepunk.com/anteater/

For a demonstration, instructions or help with the driver update check out our YouTube video at ANTEATER DRIVER UPDATE

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Firepunk Engineering Anteater STC

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